Journals & Magazines

Fiction in Journals and Anthologies

“When We Get There,” Balik Kampung 3, Math Paper Press, forthcoming 2015.

“Drinking Salt Water,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Durian, Math Paper Press, forthcoming 2015.

“The Coward,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Sauerkraut, Math Paper Press, forthcoming 2015.

“Order #216,” Twenty-Four Flavours: Dolphin Meat, Math Paper Press, Sep 2013.

“Telling Time (an excerpt from If I Could Tell You),” Cambridge Book Review, Jun 2013.

“Eclipse,” A Time of Waiting: Stories from Around the World, Oxford University Press, 2012. “To the Sea,” Lumina, Volume X, 2011.


Poetry in Journals and Anthologies

“Pantoum from a Cul de Sac,” A Luxury We Cannot Afford: An Anthology of Singapore Poetry, Math Paper Press, 2014

“Samsui,” SoftblowOct 2013.

“An Old Wives' Tale,” Matchbook Stories, Issue 1, 2012.

“Last Fall,” Matchbook Stories, Issue 1, 2012.

“Afterword,” (poem displayed in trains and at train stations in Singapore) Moving Words Singapore, in conjunction with National Arts Council and SMRT, August to October 2011. Published in Moving Words Anthology, The Literary Centre, Singapore, 2011.

“After His 98th,” (in collaboration with photographer Phillip Toledano), Ceriph, Issue 3, Summer 2011.

“After the Storm,” Ceriph, Issue 3, 2011.

“Business,” Ceriph, Issue 3, 2011.

“Tailor,” Poetry Quarterly, Issue 5, winter 2010.

“Bones,” Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Jan 2010, reprinted in The Sow's Ear Poetry Review, summer 2014.